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Office 365 Management APIs overview Microsoft Docs

(1 days ago) The Office 365 Service Communications API has been released in preview mode. It replaces the Office 365 Service Communications API to provide service health information to tenant administrators and partners. Unlike the previous version, the new Service Communications API delivers a cohesive platform experience, with REST APIs built in a


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How to Get Office 365 Service Health Status using

(2 days ago) There are many ways to monitor Office 365. One of those ways is the Office 365 Service Health dashboard. Located in the Microsoft 365 admin center under the Health section, this dashboard is a great way to get a birds-eye view of Office 365 services. But the graphical dashboard leaves a lot to be desired when you need to monitor resources at scale or to automate that monitoring.


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Use APIs for automated service notifications - Partner

(5 days ago) Office 365 and Microsoft Azure each provide an API that partners can use to retrieve real-time service health, message center communications, and planned maintenance events. These APIs are publicly available, and partners can use them on behalf of their customers because of their delegated admin privileges.


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How to check Microsoft 365 service health - Microsoft …

(7 days ago) In this article. You can view the health of your Microsoft services, including Office on the web, Yammer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and mobile device management cloud services, on the Service health page in the Microsoft 365 admin center.If you are experiencing problems with a cloud service, you can check the service health to determine whether this is a known issue with a …


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Details about Office 365 Service Communications API

(3 days ago) Hi experts, I would like to know the details about Office 365 Service Communications API. Q1. SCOPE of Office 365 Service Communications API service health My understanding is that we can check the status of services such as Exchange Online …


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Microsoft 365 Service health status

(6 days ago) Microsoft 365 Service health status Last refreshed less than one minute ago This site is updated when service issues are preventing tenant administrators from accessing Service health in the Microsoft 365 admin center.


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Microsoft 365 Service health status

(5 days ago) Microsoft 365 Service health status. Last refreshed less than one minute ago. Posted on Invalid Date. View your Microsoft 365 Service health.


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MC275573 - Service Health and Communications API in

(4 days ago) MC275573 – The service communications API in Microsoft Graph is now available! Following the preview announcement (MC257688 in May 2021), this API provides access to Message center and Service health posts for your tenant, and replaces the …


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Office 365 Service Health using Office 365 Service

(9 days ago) A template to monitor Office 365 Service Health Status using Office 365 Service Communications API and Azure Application for authentication. Results will display as below. Instructions. Configure an Azure application to authenticate your tenant to the API. Follow the steps in the below link


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Automate Office 365 Health Status Monitoring Using Office

(6 days ago) I wrote an article on how to Automate Office 365 Health Status Monitoring using PowerShell a couple of years ago, which was found very useful for many Office 365 Admins. It was based on the API “shdtenantcommunications”, which has now been discontinued by Microsoft. I have put an update on that article about this, so that you can save your time by NOT attempting to try n make that …


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Automate Office 365 Health Status Monitoring with Power

(7 days ago) Automate Office 365 Health Status Monitoring with Power Automate/Flow Using Service Communications API March 16, 2020 21 Comments I wrote an article on the same topic a couple of weeks ago that explains how to monitor Office 365 Health Status with PowerShell.


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Office 365 Service Health - Depreciated API - Forum

(3 days ago) Office 365 Service Health - Depreciated API. So we leverage a whole host of the Office 365 SAM monitors for pulling down Service Health status information. We've recently gotten word from MS that the older service API that all of the SolarWinds Office365 Service Health monitors are leveraging today are going away in Q1.


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Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return New

(1 days ago) Here is how I have managed to return the latest Service Health alert (only) from Office 365 "Office 365 Service Communications API". Office 365 New Service Alert Email As any O365 admin will know, Microsoft won't offer an inbuilt alert that will notify you by email when a new Incident arises so here is how I have chosen to get round that and


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Office 365 health status in a Sharepoint site

(Just Now) The Service Communications API enables you to monitor the following in your environment: Real-time service health. Message Center communications. Planned maintenance notification. If you need further assistance on how, exactly, to integrate this with your site/info blog, I would suggest you post in the dedicated Office 365 For Developers forum:


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Is there a way to get Service health and information for

(5 days ago) We are trying to make calls from our global monitoring tool to help us monitor O365 alongside other things. When I went to office 365 docs page it told me to use the Graph API, but then I was unable to figure how to get service health information from the graph …


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Microsoft 365 Message Center and Service Health Power App

(3 days ago) Within the Office 365 admin portal is a section called the “Message center” where messages are posted about service updates, information, health and so on. To access messages we need to navigate to: Microsoft 365 admin center – Service health where admins see a list of service related messages with the option to enable email notifications.


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Automate Office 365 Health Status Monitoring Using

(4 days ago) Step 2: Connect to the Office 365 Tenant. You will need to have at least Service Administrator role for the account to get all the health information. Even though, this article mentions that after the first call, subsequent calls can be done without Get-Credentials, I could not make that work from within windows Task Scheduler. So, I changed to


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Office 365 Services Health Status - Microsoft Power BI

(7 days ago) Based on my research, there're actually official API that can retrieve service health status data. See Office 365 Service Communications API Overview. Real-time service health monitoring - Query for status updates for new or ongoing service incidents or planned maintenance events that impact your subscription services (or those of your customers).


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A Flow Custom Connector to read O365 Communications API

(9 days ago) First published on MSDN on Oct 30, 2018 A while back I wrote a blog post walking through how one could use Azure Functions, The Office365 Communications API and Microsoft Planner to help with change management in Office 365 .The post was pretty popular – over 10k visits – which is good for my blog – but the consensus was that it was to hard to implement.


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How to use Office 365 Service Communications API V2 with

(6 days ago) Re: How to use Office 365 Service Communications API V2 with PowerShell. Below is the PowerShell script I came up with which uses v2 of the Graph API. A few notes: You will need to register an Azure app for use with this script. The app will need to be granted permissions to read tenant health info. I have not included instructions for


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Office 365 Health Monitoring with PowerShell \PowerShell

(3 days ago) You could even drop the event data returned into a SQL database and generate reports and track the health of your Office 365 tenant. This module uses the Office 365 Service Communications REST API and you’ll need to be a global administrator for your tenant, or a delegated partner administrator in order to authenticate to the service.


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Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return an

(9 days ago) Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return an Hourly Summary of Service Health Notices – Part 4 7th December 2018 23rd February 2021 AlanPs1 0 Comments Endpoints , Flow , JSON , Microsoft Flow , MS Flow , Office 365 , Web Service


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(7 days ago) The Office 365 Service Communications API is a REST service that allows you to develop solutions using any web language and hosting environment that supports HTTPS and X.509 certificates. The API relies on Microsoft Azure Active Directory and the OAuth2 protocol for authentication and authorization. To access the API from your application, you'll need to first register it in Azure AD and


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Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return a

(6 days ago) Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return an Hourly Summary of Service Health Notices – Part 4 7th December 2018 23rd February 2021 AlanPs1 0. Call Office 365 Service Communications API and Return New Service Health Notices – Part 3 7th December


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Example how to fetch O365 Service Health and O365 Service

(7 days ago) Example how to fetch O365 Service Health and O365 Service Messages using the public REST APIs - Get-O365ServiceInfo.ps1


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Advanced Flow of The Week: Retrieving Office 365 Message

(7 days ago) The Office 365 Message Center is a dashboard available in the Office 365 Admin Center (Health > Message Center) which hosts messages from Microsoft about new features, planned changes to features or service issues within the Office 365 environment. There are several ways to stay up to date with messages posted to the Message Center.


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Microsoft Office 365 integration - ServiceNow

(7 days ago) SAM managers can use this integration to do the following: Get user subscription information for all the Microsoft 365 plans purchased on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 365, and so on.; Determine license compliance of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions (Office 365 E1, E3, and E5 plans) by reconciling user subscription, entitlement, and software


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Get Latest Office 365 Service Status with Flow or

(8 days ago) Doing a quick Google Bing, I came across a REST API for reporting the latest Office 365 status of a tenant - it is called the “Office 365 Service Communications API” - a bit of a mouthful. Note: This API is in preview, so may be subject to change. A cursery glance at the API looks like it …


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Monitoring O365 Service Status with Azure Sentinel

(1 days ago) Step Two: Making use of the data. Now that we have ingested the service status data into Azure Sentinel, let’s do something with it. First let’s write a simple KQL (Kusto Query Language) query to pull out the basic data we need: Now let’s create a scheduled query analytics rule that will create an incident when a service is degraded: One


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Monitoring Office 365 with the Service Health Dashboard

(1 days ago) This article is an excerpt from the book “Office 365 for IT Pros“. Even though Office 365 and Exchange Online takes much of the support and maintenance responsibility out of your hands there is still a need for organizations to have visibility of the health of the service and technical issues that may be impacting them at any given time.. Logging in to the Office 365 admin center will take


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GitHub - olohmann/o365-status-dashboard: Simple O365

(9 days ago) O365 Status Dashboard. This is a simple O365 Status Dashboard that leverages the O365 Service Health API to provide non-admin users a quick status overview about their O365 infrastructure.. Overview. The status dashboard is a tiny ASP.NET Core MVC application that retrieves tenant-specific O365 status information.


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PowerShell way to get all information about Office 365

(9 days ago) Office 365 is an excellent cloud service. But like any service, there's some infrastructure behind it that has to be cared for. Since this is Cloud, Microsoft does this for you. But any problems Microsoft has to have some impact on your end users. And you may want to have that visibility for your users. Microsoft provides this to Admins when they login to the portal, but while useful you may


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Staying up to date on Intune new features, service changes

(7 days ago) You can also leverage the M365 Message Center notifications and O365 APIs to build a Power App to to display service health and communication messages accessible right from your phone. To learn more, see: Courtenay Bernier's (PM Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Intune) blog here .


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Get Instant Office 365 Health Status Notifications with

(4 days ago) Get Instant Office 365 Health Status Notifications with Power Automate Using Service Communications API April 5, 2020 5 Comments I have written a couple of articles about this topic earlier like this which explains how to monitor the office 365 health status using PowerShell and this one which does the same using Power Automate.


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Notifications on Service Health Incidents : Office365

(3 days ago) It's an 8 part series that will allow alerts for new service health notices, live hourly updates of incidents, Message Center updates, Microsoft 365 Roadmap weekly digest and office 365 endpoints etc. You should be able to follow along step by step with it's implementation. I have this rolled out and working well so might be worth a look.


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office365api - Using OR in filters for Office 365 Service

(5 days ago) Using OR in filters for Office 365 Service Communications API or filtering by multiple IDs. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. Viewed 455 times 2 1. How can I filter by multiple IDs using the Office 365 Service Communications API? I'm getting the current


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Manage Office 365 Outages With ServiceNow Integration

(5 days ago) Monitor Office 365 and Manage Incidents in ServiceNow. To sum up, Exoprise CloudReady provides a seamless built-in API Web Hook integration with ServiceNow. You can now integrate and view Microsoft Teams alerts, notifications, or outages in the ServiceNow dashboard.


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Set up your Microsoft Office 365 account for the

(8 days ago) The integration requires an account in the Microsoft Office 365 service. Follow these steps to create this administrative account. At a minimum, you are required to have an account that permits access to the Security and Compliance center in the Microsoft Office 365 product. Access to the Security and Compliance center grants this account permission to perform searches across mailboxes of


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azure active directory - Microsoft graph live status

(3 days ago) For most Microsoft Graph endpoints, you can assess the availability using the service health pages for Azure and Office: Azure Status - for endpoints that rely on Azure Active Directory resources (users, groups, etc.) O365 Service Health - for endpoints that rely on consumer O365 resources (Outlook.com, personal OneDrive, etc.)


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Integrate Opsgenie with Microsoft Azure Service Health

(9 days ago) Azure Service Health alerts you and your teams via targeted and flexible notifications. Opsgenie is an alert and notification management solution that is highly complementary to Azure Service Health's alerting mechanism.. What does Opsgenie offer Azure Service Health users? Use Opsgenie’s Azure Service Health Integration to forward Azure Service Health alerts to Opsgenie.


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Office 365 Incidents in Teams : Office365

(1 days ago) I have enabled the webhook in Teams, that was simple. However, it appears that I need to do the following: Create a PS Script to pull service health information from 365. Write an IF statement that identifies when a service is down. The If statement then would do a POST to the webhook URI. What im not clear on, is the JSON format.


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Office 365 Service API Custom Connector for Flow - Lee

(1 days ago) Office 365 Service API Custom Connector for Flow. August 07, 2019. Flow, Office 365. I’ve previously blogged about the Office 365 Service Communications API before and how it can be used to obtain the service status/health of services in your Office 365 tenant. The API also allows you to get historical status along with messages (from message


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