ASR Health Benefits

Health benefit plans are vital to be obtained by each family. These health plans are needed to insure and help each family with their health needs. At present, a big part of the American population is not insured. It is a good thing that employees are getting this health benefit plan from their employer. However, …

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High Deductible Health Plan Pros and Cons

Health insurance is becoming necessary around the world, which means some people have to purchase insurance for the very first time in some instances. Not everyone needs the same level of insurance as others do, which is why some people may consider the purchase of a high deductible health plan. These health plans often …

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Health Benefits of Spaghetti Squash

Healthy dictionary definition | healthy defined

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IgG Blood Test Results Explained

The IgG blood test is used to detect either a deficiency or an extra amount of immunoglobulins that are in the blood. This information gives medical providers an idea of a patient’s overall health in regards to their immune system. This test can also be used to help diagnose certain health conditions or diseases that …

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43 Incredible Lung Transplant Survival Rate Statistics

The 1 year survival rate after a lung transplant in the United States: about 90%. By the 5 year mark, however, the survival rates dip to 55%. 9. Only 1 in 3 lung transplant recipients will make it to their 10 year post-surgery anniversary. 10. 2 out of 3 children who receive a lung transplant will survive at least 3 years after the operation.

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Difference Between Hydrocodone and Norco

Hydrocodone and Norco are both pain killers. They both come in various strengths. Both are a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen (Tylenol). Pill for pill, prescribed in the same strength, they are the same medication simply labeled differently and manufactured by different companies. Many people are under the impression that hydrocodone and Norco are the …

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Florence Nightingale Environmental Theory of Nursing

Florence Nightingale’s environmental theory of nursing has one core principle: that nursing is the act of utilizing the environment of the patient in order to assist that patient in their recovery. Nightingale’s proposal is simple. By configuring the environment of a …

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Sucralose Health Risks

Should I Be Concerned About Sucralose Health Risks? Sucralose is often promoted as a healthier way to enjoy sweet things. With fewer calories than sugar, but with a flavor that is pretty close to sugar, it is thought by many that sucralose is an easy way to lose some weight and reduce health risks that are associated with obesity and too much sugar consumption.

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7 Unbelieveable Hypochondria Statistics

A serious fear of having an illness, sickness, disease, or health condition. 2. Mistaking simple sensations or regular health complaints as more serious health symptoms or issues. 3. Lots of invasive and unneeded medical tests on a regular basis. 4. Frequently switching from one medical care provider to …

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8 Bizarre Hypochondriasis Statistics

The patient holds persistent concerns about their health. 3. Thorough medical examinations and tests don’t reassure the patient of good health. 4. The patient may have depression or other mental disorder, such as schizophrenia or panic disorder. 5. The patient deliberately misses social events or work and exhibits impairment in those areas. 6.

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CH50 Blood Test Results Explained

If an autoimmune disorder is suspected from the results and a patient’s health history, then further testing may be ordered to determine the specific issue so that a proper treatment plan can be developed. For kids who are suspected of having juvenile RA, the CH50 blood …

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9 Pros and Cons of a Compounding Pharmacy

For those with specific health needs, such as needing a soybean-free capsule or a gluten-free tablet, compounding pharmacies are able to create drugs that don’t trigger allergies or intolerance problems. Personalized formulas become easier to make and the end result is a better overall level of health. 4. Bad flavors can be eliminated.

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Nuclear Proliferation Pros and Cons

The bad effects of nuclear proliferation to the health of people can be easily prevented. It is a safe source of energy compared to the process of burning a coal which is harmful to the respiratory system of humans. Nuclear Proliferation Cons.

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Pros and Cons of High Fructose Corn Syrup

One of the ongoing debates in the health industry is about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and its effect on human health. Since it is made from sugar, some say that it is naturally healthy. But others say natural sugars are not natural when chemically processed no matter where it came from. Take time to …

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Carl Rogers Person Centered Theory Explained

Before the 1940s, therapists were viewed as experts in their field. Having a counseling session was a lot like attending a classroom session with a professor. Then Carl Rogers developed the person-centered theory that changed how therapy was approached. Also referred to as Rogerian therapy, this theory has had a tremendous impact on numerous disciplines …

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23 Pescetarian Diet Pros and Cons

5. It is a way to become healthier through your eating habits. Sensible eating practices with moderate daily exercise is the recipe for good health. The Pescatarian diet helps you get there because you’re going to be eating lots of fruits and vegetables. When you eat …

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Almased Side Effects

Almased Side Effects. Almased is a meal-replacing, alternative and natural beverage mix that supports weight loss. This preserves the muscle mass and boosts energy. This is being offered via online, stores and mail-order that meets the satisfaction of users. This …

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12 Pros and Cons of Amino Acids

The pros and cons of amino acids show that there are some potential health benefits that could be achieved. They also show that nothing might be achieved by taking them. It is up to you and your medical provider to determine if taking a supplement or making dietary changes is the right course of action to take for your health.

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40 Day Water Fast VS 21 Day Water Fast

Differences Between The 40 Day Water Cleanse and The 21 Day Water Cleanse. 1. Duration. The most obvious and biggest difference between these water cleanses is the amount of time you are doing them. The effects of the 21 day cleanse will be less extreme than if you where to complete a full 40 days. 2.

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24 Incredible Unsafe Abortion Statistics

Facts from World Health Organization. According to the World Health Organization, an unsafe abortion happens any time an unskilled practitioner performs the procedure or it is attempted in an environment that is not conducive to the minimal medical standards of safe.

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8 Pros and Cons of Coffee

Fanatics of the bean will point to the vast array of health benefits that come from drinking and enjoying coffee in moderation. Others will suggest that because of the negative health associations with the beverage, staying away from coffee entirely is really the best and only course of action.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Red Yeast Rice

The primary health benefit that people receive when they take red yeast rice is a lower bad LDL cholesterol count. Over a 8-12 week period, multiple studies have shown that taking this supplement can lower LDL cholesterol by 25-30%.

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Erving Goffman's Face and Stigma Theory Explained

Erving Goffman’s Face and Stigma Theory Explained. In 1963, Erving Goffman published Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity. It is an examination of how an individual protects their personal identify if they depart from an approved standard of conduct, behavior, or appearance. It is essentially a way for people to manage an

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12 Pros and Cons of Apples

Apples are typically considered a healthy food option. They’re rich in vitamin C and have lots of fiber. Just as with any other food, however, you can also have too much of a good thing. One of the common problems that apples may cause is a change in bowel movements and bathroom habits. If you’re …

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5 Pros and Cons of Biometrics

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, which leads to innovation and new devices. We are always looking for newer and better ways to do everything. This involves education, entertainment, healthcare and every other field or industry known to man. However, it is especially true for the world of security. As technology improves, we need more …

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No Xplode Side Effects

An energy drink that enhances the performance, strength and focus, No Xplode is worthy of a try. This is proven to be effective as it rejuvenates the body and amplifies the performance. This drink is brought by combining the ingredients of creatine and nitric oxide. Before, this is being put up for sale as health

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Abdellah Nursing Theory Explained

Nurses must be able to observe the health status of a patient. 2. They must be able to communicate that status to others. 3. Previous knowledge and experience must be applied to the process. 4. Nurses must be able to teach patients and their families about their health status. 5. Organizational skills help to plan and prioritize care plans. 6.

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6 Pros and Cons of Bioplastics

Due to environmental concerns surrounding traditional plastics made from petroleum, there has been much effort made to create better alternatives. Bioplastic is a substance that comes from organic biomass sources. There are many different processes of production for bioplastics and the microorganisms that are used to process the base materials range. The different microorganisms that …

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Diathesis Stress Theory Explained

How we understand mental health must change and the diathesis stress theory is a step in the correct direction. Although some may still call these issues “demonic” or treat people with an exploited vulnerability as “weak,” the negative stigma regarding mental health can and must be removed.

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12 Notable Seasonal Affective Disorder Statistics

Psychotherapy helps you to recognize your moods, how to change them, and stop negative thoughts, and relieve stress. This can be a very effective treatment to SAD and is recommended for anyone experiencing any type of mental health issues. Natural Remedies. Natural ways to help with SAD can be anything from supplements to more day light time.

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Joel Fuhrman Micronutrients Food List

Dr. Fuhrman based the food pyramid principles on nutrient density divided by calories. More than 90% of your daily diet should be comprised of rich plant foods and health promoting phytochemicals. Those foods that are richest in micronutrients are rated as the highest in health and longevity. The food list based on micronutrient score is …

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Auguste Comte Sociology Theory Explained

Auguste Comte Sociology Theory Explained. August Comte believed in the power of positivity. Success can come in virtually any form and anyone can achieve their own definition of success. He believed that a society operated under its own set of laws, just like nature, so it should be studied in the same way.

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18 Extraordinary Statistics for Rohypnol

The risk of sexual assault is high with rohypnol, but there can be other health issues that occur as well. Unwanted sexual contact may spread an STI or STD. Those who take it may also experience reverse effects, such as enhanced aggression, that may also lead to legal trouble. Nightmares and persistent headaches are also common.

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Prealbumin vs Albumin

Many researchers have a difficult time defining exactly what malnutrition is. Some like to believe that it is a deficiency in caloric intake whereas others believe it is a deficiency in protein or vitamin intake or perhaps some combination thereof. When measuring the overall nutritional health of a person in a hospital setting, the most …

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5 Interesting Facts About Herpes

The cold sores that you may get on your lips might seem mild, and in most cases it is, but this version of the herpes virus can also lead to severe health complications. It has been known to have spontaneous outbreaks in the eye and can lead to blindness. HSV-1 has also been known to spontaneously infect the brain and cause encephalitis.

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